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Which is the wealthiest district of Sri Lanka? And which is the poorest? (Official 2016 Dataset)

Here's the story...
Which district is the wealthiest in terms of financial wealth? And which district is the poorest in terms of financial wealth? We've obtained official data, that show us which districts in Sri Lanka have households, who, on average, earn the least, and households who earn the most.

Points to note
Colombo is widely regarded as the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.
The household income includes wages and salaries, agricultural and non-agricultural activities, pensions, disability and relief payments, regular rental and re-mittance receipts, returns from businesses or ventures, investments, and other irregular gains such as compensations, lottery wins, etc...
The values represent the income received by all residents of a particular household, received either in cash (Monetary income) or in-kind (Non-monetary income).

Source: Department of Census and Statistics Sri Lanka - Statistics.gov.lk

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