We hope that you love your purchase, but understand that sometimes things just aren’t quite right.

In general PropertyPost.lk services or items purchased, only if, where and when we deem applicable, can be returned within 7 days of receipt.

In specific, the PropertyPost.lk Mall is a platform that facilitates the purchase of products from multiple sellers. While we do all we can to ensure, and attempt to coach sellers on, customer satisfaction, it is primarily the policy of the seller that is effected with regards to returns and claims of warranty.

In general, categories of products that may not be returned, and for which a refund or refunds may not be considered, include and is not limited to cosmetics, food, garments, plants, perfumes, toiletries, personal products (the like of earrings, underwear, swimwear), personalised products, and/or products made to order.

In general, any applicable product that is returned must be in complete unopened, original form, unused and in their original packaging for a refund to be considered. If the package as delivered has been opened, no refund will be permitted.

In specific, if in any case a package is opened and a product is found to be faulty by default (that we understand to be faulty by default), or includes a manufacturers defect by default (that we understand to be a manufacturers defect by default), the seller’s warranty policy for that product shall come into effect. Refunds for such faulty products as described, can be considered only if you the buyer have made an official request via email within 7 days of your purchase.

In specific, a PropertyPost.lk Classifieds Membership (the service/feature on PropertyPost.lk that allows the purchasing of a membership for primarily posting property/real estate advertisements) that is purchased by you, can and will be refunded by us if you make an official request via email within 14 days of your purchase.

All costs and charges, if/where/when applicable, of returns currently will be borne by the buyer.

Please contact us via the live chat, or email should you have any concerns about a specific product.

This Return & Refund Policy may change at any time, and while we do our best to stay responsibly transparent with any major changes, your continued use of the PropertyPost.lk services and/or systems and/or platform constitutes your automatic acceptance of this Return & Refund Policy, post any change, update, or edit made, whether major or minor.