The All-New
Covid19 Bosk!

Stay safe. Stay inside.

State-of-the-art workmanship, designed to make moments of whispering calm, blindingly loud.


No more surgical masks for everyday life

The all-new Bosk ensures you stay home and out of sight!

Buy a Bosk (Box Mask). Not just a Mask.

I bought a Bosk, and then this happened...

Hahah! Guess what I found in my Bosk! A box of CHOCOLATES!! Yes this WILL keep me home for sure.

– Dick Champion

Surreal. I got a bunch of coconuts inside. And was it heavy or what. This is NuTs.

– Woody Woodpecker

The testimonials you see here are concocted, fictitious, made up, and invented.

We’re kidding. Just stay safe, stay home, and stay inside.