You see, we’re driven. We’re driven to achieve. But, not alone.

We’re driven by the community. We’re driven by statistics. We’re driven by collaboration.

And when we achieve, we want all of you to achieve. Every one of you, who comes along this journey with us.

In 2018, was forked off another fascinating project we had been developing.

We spun up a new template, and started re-working, and re-developing fundamental elements of the website’s code base.

In 2018, September to be exact, we launched the beta version of, and initiated the people gesture.

By the end of September, our website analytics showed that we had hit 13 unique visitors for that month. (Great job team! We could’ve done worse).

In October, I’m glad to say, we rose. We climbed to 86 unique visitors.

Statistics from September 2018, till the 23rd of February 2019.

Do note that the visitor count is Google’s handiwork, and we’re telling you, just as Google tells us.

And in November, we climbed yet again, touching the ceiling at 122 unique visitors. was rising, slowly becoming a people’s brand, every step of the way. People. Thank you.

However, in December, we had a very slight decline down to 120 visitors. But we’re thankful. Because we were yet a 100+ for 2 consecutive months.

Not to give up, but to climb higher, our team worked tirelessly (okay with a few breaks.. okay, okay, maybe a bit more), and by the end of January 2019, we hit an astounding record at 398 unique visitors. That’s 398 visitors for the full month of January. That’s more than a triple up the charts since December. is focused on growth, and focused on presenting the real estate industry with a range of fabulous tools, techniques, and training, to ensure growth of their real estate companies.

Simply put, we’re a real estate classifieds website. We want to allow people to post ads for free, while creating and awarding additional value added services to real estate companies (primarily in Sri Lanka).

People,, needs visitors like you. We engineer amazing digital things, and present them to you for free. But you are the reason we do that.

We want you, to come along this journey, with us.

Come aboard, and take a chair.

Watch, as we grow.

With you.

The CEO.

To Advertise, simply Signup*, Login, and Post an Ad for free.*Signing up will send you a verification token to your email address, that makes you one of us.

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