UPDATE [26-05-2022]: Due to the current situation in the country, PropertyPost.lk has decided to discontinue the PropertyPost.lk Mall.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we unveil a brand new sister-platform that aims to bring to you tasteful shopping, right to your fingertips. This platform aspires to be your ideal hunting ground for quality-first home ware from soft furnishings, to home electronics, to your culinary cupboard’s stock up shop.

Introducing to you, today, the PropertyPost.lk Mall – https://www.propertypost.lk/mall – Sri Lanka’s marketplace for bringing splendour and good design to the heart of your home.

Welcome, to the PropertyPost.lk Mall.

And we wish you a lovely shopping experience.


PS: We’re currently working on finding more quality-centric, picture-perfect, tasteful, delightful home ware to reeeally top your shopping experience. If there’s something you’d LOVE to see on the Mall, then please send us a message to info@propertypost.lk, and if you’re a company/brand and would like to see your products on the Mall, then also, please drop us a message.

To companies/brands, in order to get selected, your product should be quality-first, and secondly, have the potential to be a conversation starter in someone’s bedroom, hallway, backyard, or kitchen. Please very kindly note that emailing/submitting your product catalogue to us, is not a guarantee that your product/s will be listed on the Mall.

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