15 Surprising Real Estate Trends Impacting 2018 [Forbes Original]

This year has been one of twists and turns for the real estate market. As with every real estate year, the market can shift in an instant. For this reason, real estate professionals need to keep their eyes open for the next up-and-coming trend to hit the market and cause a stir. Knowing in advance …

home landscaping

How do you grow a forest in your garden?

“Inspired by Indian eco-entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma, whose company develops native and urban forest in cities, Qureshi immediately decided to implement the idea in Karachi in a park adjacent to Neher-e-Khayam in Clifton Block 5. Almost two years later, 95% of the saplings he planted are growing into healthy trees. The forest is now 20 to …

The guy who traded a red paper-clip for a house

Featured across the internet, Kyle Macdonald traded a simple red paperclip for a house in Canada. You may be wondering whether that’s possible. In reality, Kyle simply traded item for item, till he landed with his own home. Here’s the story: https://townofkipling.ca/visitors/red-paperclip-story/