For every traveler, a destination. For trade enthusiasts, welcome to Sri Lanka’s trade hub. Colombo.

Why Colombo?

Known as the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is also one of the largest cities in the country.

Sporting a vibrant and diverse community, the essence of social networking off the internet, can be found in a plethora of places in Colombo.

The restaurants, the places to stay, the sights to explore, the number of shopping precincts and wholesale markets, and the collaborative community that is willing to help you.

Colombo isn’t the capital of sights, but it’s a place where sights and cities meet, with cities being more of the main feature however.

Where should you stay?

It’s often an everyday sight to see people of varying nationalities, in different parts of the country; with Maldivians, residing in Dehiwala, Europeans holidaying on the coastal stretch of the country, Chinese, around Colombo, and Arabs, touring in the freshness of Nuwara Eliya.

See, when looking for a place to stay, it doesn’t matter which country you’re from, be it my country Sri Lanka, or otherwise, it depends on what sort of place you’re looking for.

As a businessman, looking to explore foreign markets on a budget, your primary objective should be, to be quite close to the business hub of Sri Lanka, with accessibility to all the main locations, public transport, marketplaces, business hubs, and other places of interest.

Kollupitiya, also known as Colpetty, and Bambalapitiya, are more of high life areas, that house some of the most famous malls, hospitals, and institutions, with the World Trade Center Colombo, standing tall in Fort. Although not astronomically pricier to other parts of Colombo, land / property value, and rent, are thought to be more than other suburbs in the commercial capital.

Just a few kilometers away, are the famous cities (also suburbs of Colombo) like Wellawatte, Dehiwala, and others, all inside of Colombo. These cities/suburbs are more likely to draw the more budget conscious, entrepreneur, visitor, or traveler. The fine thing is, that even if your business is situated in places like Fort (Colombo 01), staying and traveling from Dehiwala to Fort, is a negligible expense, and a good investment.

However, if you’re flying in on diplomatic missions, or are looking for a high-life stay, do check out the infamous hotels like the Cinnamon Grand Colombo, the Shangri-La Hotel Colombo, and the high in demand (according to, Mövenpick Hotel Colombo.

For tourists, looking to explore the beautiful country, then I’d recommend you book you’re stay through Expedia, or AirBNB.

People looking to stay for a much more longer term, say 6 months, to several years, could use our very own, and very special property finder – Designed practically with the user in focus.

A Wanderers Treat

The Pettah Markets, known as “Pitakottuwa” in the Sinhalese dialect, are a wanderers treat. The main market segment is designed like a gigantic crossword puzzle. It’s where you can wander from dawn till dusk, exploring the hundreds of little shops along the way, and if you know your way around, explore the little alleyways and lengthy corridors inside of buildings.

The “lengthy corridors” are inside large and sometimes unassuming buildings and can hold a wide selection of retailers, and wholesalers.

You can traverse the entire markets from dawn till dusk, but never comprehensively encompass all of the markets. It’s that big.

Almost anything you want can be found here, from probably hundreds to thousands of duplicate branded products, whether you want an Apple iPhone, to an Adidas t-shirt, to classy original products like leather upholstery, to even originals like squawking live cockerels..

And of course, you explore the markets looking like a foreigner, some of the chaps, if not most, are bound to take you for a cool ride with prices. (On a side-note, do check out the cool juices and shakes found fresh at sweet stores. You’ll need it with all the hiking.)

Something that a Sri Lankan could purchase for 1000/- rupees, will sometimes cost you a special rate of 4000/- rupees.

To conclude

Colombo is the hub for business. It’s a city that fuses sights, with the multiple cities/suburbs of trade, with more of the latter being the primary feature.

For entrepreneurs, for thinkers, for holidayers, for the cool crowd, for everybody, enter Colombo. The capital of Sri Lanka.

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